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    Netrium enables financial engineers to precisely describe and execute exotic and hybrid contracts. The Netrium project offers a domain specific language and dedicated compiler to support the definition and operational execution of financial and physical energy contracts, with arbitrary optionality and conditionality. This helps trading desks control the operational risk associated with non-standard transactions. The implementation is MIT licensed and is based on the academic paper Adventures in Financial Engineering by Simon Peyton Jones and Jean-Marc Eber.

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      Fast Turnaround

      Build complex contracts quickly, with great accuracy and certainty

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      Quality Coding and Validation

      Developed by some of the best minds in the Haskell community, alongside Commodity Trading experts

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      Permissive Open Source Licensed

      Options that fit your environment

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      Built to Integrate

      Easy to Integrate with systems on Unix, Linux and Windows


    Netrium is built in pure Haskell, and runs on the well regarded Haskell Platform